Pastor’s Message – 9/21/2020

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Not that long ago I wrote to you as told you that in one month we had a $5,500 deficit. That was an unsettling thing to write to you, and I am sure it was a bit unsettling to hear. Well I am happy to say that many of you responded, and while we did not break even, we had a monthly deficit of $1,100. That is excellent progress toward breaking even.

I am very grateful for everyone who responded, St. Andrew’s needs consistent support so that we can maintain a vital and healthy ministry.

Of course, we cannot maintain a $1,100 deficit, and of course we need a little stronger support… but I do not want you to feel like you already gave, but it is never enough. Truly I am very grateful for the increase in giving, but neither will I ever lie to you about the numbers we all face to keep St. Andrew’s active and healthy.

Thank you for your support… keep it coming.

Note: when you see the month, end numbers it will look like we had an $800.00 surplus. But truth be told a bill for $1,900.00 was not included in those numbers. That bill will be reflected in the next months numbers. But in reality, we did not have a surplus but a $1,100.00 deficit.

Pastor Neel

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