Pastor’s Message – 11/2/2020

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On October 24, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod while in assembly elected a new Bishop for a 6-year term. Pastor Christopher deForest was elected as our next Bishop. Our current Bishop will serve until December 31, and Bishop elect deforest will begin his term as Bishop on January 1, 2021.
Of course, it is possible that you don’t know much about Bishop-elect deForest, so what follows are excerpts from his bio.

He grew up in Tennessee and Virginia, He is 56 years old, married with children.
He did his undergraduate work in New Mexico and was a Pre-Med student, he completed his Bachelors in English and writing from the University of New Mexico. He went on to Wartburg Seminary for his Master of Divinity.
His is a second career person and worked as a Director of Communication, to Admissions Advisor and then co-pastored with his wife at St. John ‘s Mahoning before he was called to Trinity Lutheran Church in Kutztown where he currently serves. He also serves as a Creative Marketing Consultant, helping congregations to define and market their mission.
He has been active on the Synodical level as well has been active in the Kutztown Community serving as Chaplain for the Kutztown Police Department, and Pastor for Campus Ministry at Kutztown University.

This is how he describes his leadership style:
As a leader, if you bring me a dire situation, or an insurmountable obstacle – the Christ who died will invite us to face those challenges with a clear head and a kind heart. And then, the God who raised Jesus from the dead, will challenge us to wonder: “Where is the new life coming from?” So, as a leader, if I know God has ultimately “got this,” I am free to invite us all to experiment, rethink, rework, renew, recreate, letting the Holy Spirit be our Guide.
I will strive to be a good listener, a good collaborator, a good proclaimer of the work, a good pastor to the staff and pastors and the congregations, a good partner with other denominations and faiths and organizations that bring God’s love and life into the world.
Finally, my leadership style includes humor; the willingness to be silly when it builds more community; I have a flair for the dramatic and love for liturgy; and most of all, I want to hear from as many people as possible, before going forward.

Keep Bishop-elect Christopher deForest in your prayers.

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