Letter to Congregation – 6/29/2020

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Sooo, the results of the survey are beginning to come in, as of the writing of this “From the Pastor” we have 90 results! That is fantastic and I really appreciate your response. Please keep the surveys coming. Please be assured you will see the results of the survey. And please be assured that the Congregation Council will make a decision about opening the church educated by the surveys.
One thing though is that when it comes to the comments at the end of the survey, ‘you all’ have a whole lot of differing opinions. I suppose that is to be expected, never-the-less it is so important that we respect each other’s opinions. Dare I say that no one is right, and no one is wrong, but still it is my assumption that for some emotions are running high.
It is so important that we never forget that we are a family at St. Andrew’s. As a family we can most certainly disagree, but in the end, we still need to love and support each even if we do not agree with their opinion.
While I don’t know what the Council’s response to the surveys will be, I do know that the Council will prayerfully consider what makes most sense for the congregation, based on love and care for all the people of the congregation.
So, I am asking for everyone’s patience and everyone’s prayers so that the decisions that we make are consistent with God’s direction and love.

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