Letter to the Congregation – 11/11/2021

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Greetings my friends. One of the things that is true is, when a congregation is active and tries to reach out to the community, it also needs more help from the congregation. So, there is also an increase of reaching “in” to the congregation for help in our reach out efforts.

That is beginning to be true here at St. Andrew’s. In addition to our reach out efforts, we are also asking that you increase and/or stay consistent with your giving to the regular budget. It can all feel overwhelming, and perhaps we wonder how can we support it all?

Well, you don’t, but together we can. So perhaps supporting the diaper drive is very important to you. Then, I would say that you should support that drive along with your regular offering. There will be another member of the congregation who can support the laundry soap, and still another the bar soap, and so on.

Together we can make a very strong and positive impact. Indeed, we are not asking that anyone try to make that impact all by themselves.

So, I ask that you continue to make your “regular” offering a priority and choose one or two other items as you have ability. Together, by the Grace of God, we will make an impact.

Thank you for your support.
Pastor Neel

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