Letter to the Congregation – 09/14/2021

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FROM THE COUNCIL (notes from the 9/13/2021 meeting)

  • The financial reports were received by the Council. While the church showed an excess of over $7,000.00 this month, we are still behind approx. $26,000.00 for the year. It was also noted that the church received very large financial gifts from two people this month which accounts for the increase this month. A meeting has been set to address this issue.
  • The Council was pleased with the September 5 welcome back activities and worship
  • Property Committee is finalizing a proposal for bids to be sent to contractors to address the depression in the front parking lot.
  • The Shed has been enlarged and renewed, many thanks to Aidan Perry for choosing St. Andrew’s for his Eagle project.
  • Community Care Committee met with the Director of the Easton Neighborhood Center Ross Markus. The committee continues to fine tune its focus, watch for ways you can participate in the future
  • SAW Met in the church building for its September meeting! The Soup Sale is coming up in the beginning of October.
  • Worship & Music proposed, and the Council approved:
    Additional way to receive Communion on Sundays

    • Communion will be offered the way it has been offered, with prepackaged communion cup in your pew
    • You can receive Communion by coming forward to the base of the steps to the altar where you will receive bread, wine, or grape juice. To maintain distance each group of people in a pew will come forward separately. To prevent a line to receive communion everyone else will remain in their pews until it is their turn to receive communion.

NOTE: Please remember that you are welcome to join Council by going to the church website calendar to access the Zoom codes.

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