Letter to the Congregation – 06/15/2021

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Money, Money, Money, a song by Abba, (yes, your Pastor likes the musical group Abba) was also used in the movie Mamma Mia. It is a song that dreams about being rich. And while many of us dream about a time when we would all have plenty of money to do whatever we want…… hmmm… I guess that would be the lure of the lottery. I’m going to hit it big someday.

Well, the fact is that chances of winning the lottery are slim to none. And the problem is that the church (and therefore the ministries of St. Andrew’s) suffers when the mindset is I’ll give when I have enough.

St. Andrew’s does well when everyone gives what they can. Yes, of course there is a core of people that give more than most can, but we only meet our budget and grow our ministry if everybody gives on a consistent and regular basis. The key there is everyone.

I believe that is how Jesus wants it. Everyone coming together, everyone giving what they can. Everyone!

In the end, we are blessed richly by God’s Grace and God’s gift of Eternal Life. Our sense of giving to the church must start with the knowledge that God first gave us life, creation, and all that is good around us. What we do is give back.

Please support the ministries of St. Andrew’s. We all need each other to grow forward.

Pastor Neel

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