Letter to the Congregation – 05/25/2021


As I write this, the CDC has said that those who are masked can stop wearing masks in a whole lot of places, but the CDC says that individual businesses and institutions may still require people to wear masks. Pennsylvania has indicated that its rules around masking will come into compliance with CDC guidelines, but nothing has been published yet. Our Church Council has not had opportunity to meet, but will be meeting this coming Sunday (that will mean that by the time you receive this the Council will have had a chance to meet, but I don’t know the outcome of that meeting yet).

I don’t know about you, but this is feeling a lot like it did when the pandemic first hit the United States. We were getting all kinds of signals and statements from all kinds of folks. It was hard to know who to listen to.

So, we continue to try and maneuver in a very unsettling time. As a people this would not be the first time that humans have had to live through very trying times. Imagine living in the Middle East or in India right now.

God has to be our constant. It is so easy to look beyond God and look for an end to the pandemic or to the summer when we can be outside and not wear masks, and so on. And while those things may be true, God still must be our constant, because those things may not come true, but God is still there.
So, the one thing that is the same as it was in March of 2020. We focus on God and worship. We call each other and care for each other in a constant and safe manor.

At some point we will walk out of the fog that we call COVID-19. God will walk us through the Red Sea before the water tumbles in on us. But now and in the future God will be with us, you can count on it!

Pastor Neel

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