Letter to the Congregation – 05/13/2021


The Community Care Committee is back! Not only are they back, but they are looking to restart some of the ministry that we are familiar with and start some new ministry to enable the congregation to care for the community! Now the details.

  1. We will be collecting canned food. The food banks will receive the canned goods now. There will be a bin in the Narthex for those who come into the church building for 10:30 Worship, and there will be a bin at the entrance to Hope House. (use the entrance off the main parking lot). The rule of thumb is that you only donate your favorite canned good. If you really like it, then it is good to donate.
  2. We will be bringing back the altar basket, well kind of. We will be receiving money for the baskets in memory or in honor of, but the money will go to purchase a case of diapers. There is a very strong need for diapers. A case of diapers runs $25.00 to $50.00. Please call the office to reserve a Sunday just as you did in the past.
  3. We will be looking to partner with the Easton Neighborhood Center. The center provides a whole host of services that we can help with…
    1. Help to unpack the food truck for the food bank
    2. Work in the garden, the center has a very large garden that provides fresh vegetables to those who need food
    3. There is a need for tutors after school
    4. The center runs a transitional housing program. The center works to help folks become employable.
    5. Helping folks with budgeting so they know how to manage and thrive on a budget

As you can see the Center offers many services, there is a place in this program where you can have a positive impact.

We are also in need of more people to serve on the committee. Indeed, there is much to do. And it is exciting to imagine the positive impact that St. Andrew’s can have on the ministry at the Easton Neighborhood Center. Please plan to join us at our next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 24 at 7:00 PM. The link will be on the Church website calendar as well it is listed here: Meeting ID: 850 8953 3739 & Passcode: 372560.

Please see Pastor, Diane Laustsen or Terry Diehl with any interest or questions.

Pastor Neel

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