Letter to the Congregation – 03/31/2022

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In February, I talked about a giving situation at St. Andrew’s that was very distressing. I am sorry to say that the situation has improved, but nowhere near enough. Last month we received one-half of we need to function and this month we were $6,000.00 short of what we need. We cannot function as a healthy congregation with offerings at this level.

This is nothing that we can take lightly. At this level of giving, we cannot continue to pay pastor or staff. Very simply put we need a significant increase in giving.

I wish I could tell you what the cause is behind the reduced giving. Indeed, it is very difficult to judge how the congregation feels when only a part of us are gathering for worship. We just don’t see people or understand if people or a group of people are falling away. While it is very understandable that people have not ventured back into the worship space due to COVID, we still need feedback, and we still need offering to keep the church healthy and alive.

Please! If you are displeased or frustrated with St. Andrew’s let us know, and please, restore and/or increase your giving.

Pastor Neel

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