Letter to the Congregation – 03/31/2021

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Greetings my friends. I wanted to take a moment not to specifically talk about activities at St. Andrew’s, or something that I would like you to participate in, or that I am asking you to support the ministry financially. Yes, those are important, and you will hear from me concerning those things again, but for the moment just some reflections.

To be sure, this past year has been filled with pandemic, and all types of political upheaval. We are living in a historically significant time in human history, and I fear we are not done. We have little to no idea of what is coming next. We can all remember a year ago when we all were making predictions about how long the pandemic would last, how long the restrictions would remain in place, and so on. I know I for one was confident in my predictions, I think in some way they gave us comfort, they gave us the believe that there was “normalcy” right around the corner. They gave us a way to deal with what was going on that limited and changed our lives. Unfortunately, they were nothing more than predictions. I for one never predicted we would still need to wear masks and must limit our worship experience, but worship is still limited.

Current events meant that I had to re-think what leadership meant for me at St. Andrew’s. But truth be told, we all had to re-think. And while some of us were affected differently than others, we all had to re-think our lives. We all will have some level of Post Traumatic Stress that we are dealing with when this is all said and done. So together we have had to re-think. I must say that I have been impressed with the ability of St. Andrew’s to re-think. Churches typically have this stigma that they do not change, they do not re-think well. I have found the opposite to be true. As best as we can, St. Andrew’s is rolling with the punches. From a Council that meets very frequently, and is taking on the difficult decisions, to an office staff working very hard to get information out to the congregation, to excellent attendance on Sunday Mornings (even though worship is different), to all kinds of fun chatter before worship starts. St. Andrew’s continues to adjust and re-think.

For me this is what Easter looks like, the love of God put to work as we all deal with this stuff together. While it is true that we all worship the resurrected Jesus… it is more exciting when our lives are examples of the love that we worship in the resurrected Jesus!

We will have to continue our process of re-thinking. But we do so in the glorious way that we have from the beginning, inspired, and directed by our Risen Christ.

Amen, and Amen.
Pastor Neel

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