Letter to the Congregation – 02/25/2021

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Wednesdays during Lent

This year I asked that you offer any questions that you might have about your faith journeys, and that I would then take the time to address those questions during the meditation time on Wednesdays during Lent. I am please to say that I got a very strong response, thank-you to all who submitted questions.

I will not be able to address all the submitted questions during Lent, however, I do plan on addressing each and every question that I wasn’t able to address during Lent in a sermon series after the season of Easter. So, if your question isn’t answered… it will be.

With that said the following are the topics for our Wednesday worship services:
• February 24 – How do we read the Bible?
• March 3        – God’s Will (part 1)
• March 10      – God’s Will (part 2)
• March 17      – The Trinity
• March 24      – Baptism

If you have not submitted your question, please feel free to get your “question of the faith” to Pastor. I will address it with the remaining questions after Easter.

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