Letter to the Congregation – 02/22/2021

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At the 02/21/2021 Council meeting the Council set the opening of the church for worship to be on Palm Sunday March 28th! It is exciting to be on a path that feels like a little more “normal”. Of course, we are not simply throwing open the doors, we will be adhering to the same guidelines as we did when we reopened the church for worship the last time. Masks, taking temperatures, calling ahead for reservations and the like. The guidelines will be re-published. Neither does this mean we will be ending the Zoom worship experience, that will continue as always. So, on Palm Sunday we will celebrate worship at 8:30, with our 8:00-8:30 social ½ hour. After 8:30 worship, there will be time for Faith Builders, and following Faith Builders we will celebrate 10:30 In Person Worship. We all hope we will be able to maintain and build on this schedule, as we pray that the virus becomes less of a danger.

The Camera for the church worship space was discussed. It is hoped that the camera will be installed by Palm Sunday or Easter so that we will also be able live stream our worship services. Stay tuned for more information.

The roof project is on a temporary hold due to the snow (this article was written on 02/22/2021). When the roof is clear they will complete the project.

Council approved the replacement of the computer for the Bookkeeper as the computer she is using is no longer functioning in a way that is helpful.

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