Letter to the Congregation – 02/18/2022

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As a parent, one of the things that I always tried to help my children with was to share their needs and wants with me in a good and helpful way. I have always been lousy at reading minds and therefore always wanted my children to share their needs and wants.
Of course, they did not always get everything they asked for, but, more often than not, they had a better chance of getting what they wanted if they asked for it.
This is not a perfect analogy when it comes to financial giving to the church, but then again, I’m not perfect, so here is my ask to you:

  • Be very consistent with your giving patterns.
  • If you have not given, we need you to give.

This is why I ask:

  • This past January, the total offering for the month was very low. Quite honestly, mission and ministry are not sustainable at those giving levels. Our total approved budget is $235,014.42. To meet the budget, we need to receive $19,584.54 a month. In January of 2022 we received $10,887.50. That is a huge gap.
  • I know we can do better, and truth be told we have no choice but to do better.

I believe in St. Andrew’s and its mission to reach out with the Gospel. We need your help to continue that mission.

Thank you for your consideration
Pastor Neel

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