Letter to the Congregation – 02/09/2021

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Greetings my dear friends. At the Council meeting last night (02/08/2021) we received the financial report that we have fallen behind in our offerings. Specifically, we have fallen $6,591.19 behind our budget which we were able to reduce for 2021. To be sure this is not good news. Now I am not playing Chicken Little here and saying that the sky is falling, but it is important to for all of us to keep current with our offerings…

Some other notes:
The offering received thus far in February is low.
We have received a significant bill to clear the parking lot from the 2 feet plus of snow we received. The bill is $3,245.00. Yes, that is a very large bill. Please keep in mind it was a very large snow fall that required a lot of attention, and it is in keeping with the contract that was signed by the church in 2019.
I am still not saying that the sky is falling, but we do need your help to get over this financial bump and your continued help to maintain the mission and ministry of St. Andrew’s.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor or any member of the Congregation Council.

Highlights from the 02/08/2021 Council Meeting

• Council received report from Finance that we are falling behind budget by $6,591.19.

• It was confirmed that the church building would remain closed through and including February 21, 2021. And at the Council meeting on the 21st we agreed to continue our discussion on when the church would be open for In Person Worship

• There was a request for access for items stored at the church. The Council felt that it was necessary to keep all groups out of the building to protect both the nursery and those who are wanting access. There are many groups that use the building and have items stored in the church building, but to keep everyone safe no one may have access to the building expecting for the Nursery School and the Pastor to check the building when it is not occupied.

• It was noted that attendance at the Congregational Meeting was quite good, the Council celebrated the Congregation’s participation in the meeting.

• It was noted that the Processional Cross has been returned to the church after being out for refurbishment and repair. It looks like new!

• The roof project to mostly complete, however the snow has put the project on hold. The roof will be completed when the weather and the snow permit.

• The re-keying of the church has hit a snag and Property Committee is working with the “Lock Doctor” to remedy. We anticipate that when the church building opens, we will have the news keys ready to go.

• The SAW Executive Committee met, and they are planning another raffle in the future, keep watching for more details.

• Worship and Music is looking into a better way to store our paraments, more details to come.

• Lent and Holy Week are being planned. Plans are being made to accommodate both In Person and Zoom worship. Pastor and David will be recording some parts of the worship in St. Andrew’s worship space.

You are always welcome to join Council, you can access the Zoom link from the church website, going to the calendar and clicking on the Council Meeting entry.

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