Letter to the Congregation – 02/01/2021

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Greetings my dear friends, understanding the fact that some of you just received my Christmas letter I am hoping that you receive our other mailings in a little timelier manner. Please keep the workers at the Post Office in your prayers, they are under a lot of pressure these days.

On January 24, the Council met in a supplemental meeting. As always, we reviewed the church building closure, but the major discussion focused on St Andrew’s Nursery School. More specifically, the financial support of the nursery school teachers who have been laid off. There was concern from the Council that the teachers need some level of financial support. There was concern at the Council meeting that we might lose teachers to other jobs or nursery school programs.

To be totally fair the teachers were not complaining, rather Dori reported that the teachers understood why the Council closed the building.

The church applied for a PPP Loan from the government the first time that was made available to the public. We were successful in our application and the (approx. $32,000.00) loan turned into a grant. Knowing that we were blessed with that funding we wanted to support the Nursery School. To that end the nursery school was offered one month’s salary (approx. $8,500.00) as a way to help the teachers during a time that they had no income.

As your pastor I totally support helping our nursery school teachers during this difficult time. I believe the nursery school is a particularly important ministry that we sponsor here at St. Andrew’s.

I continue to be grateful for the resources that God has blessed us with that enable us to be a strong and vital ministry despite the pandemic, thank you and praise be to God!

Pastor Tom Neel

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