Letter to the Congregation – 01/21/2021

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The Congregation Council met on January 17th to primarily discuss the church closure, but we also discussed replacement of the worship space roof.

1) The Roof. Just to be clear, while there is some repair to the flat roof by the kitchen entrance, the roof that is being replaced is the roof over the worship space. The existing slate roof will be removed and replaced with a 50-year asphalt shingle. This includes replacing the slate that is on the base of the steeple. The work is planned for start on January 27 and is anticipated to last 5 days. If you drive by the church building you might see the roofer’s equipment on the small parking lot adjacent to Freemansburg Ave as well as dumpsters on either side of the worship space.
Farina & Farina will be doing the work and the cost is estimated to be $18,945.00. The money will come from the building fund.

2) The Nursery School. It was decided that St. Andrew’s Nursery School would reopen as of February 1st. All our teachers are scheduled to receive their vaccines and the same protocols that were practiced previously will still be in place when the school reopens in February.

3) In Person Worship. It was decided to put off opening the church for worship until at such time the pastor can receive the vaccine. Of course, that means that the pastor must receive the first and second dose of the vaccine. For those who are missing In Person Worship, the Council and the Pastor offer their apologies. This is a decision to try and keep everyone safe.
The good news is that the Pastor did receive the first vaccine on 01/20/2021 and is scheduled to receive the second vaccine on 02/16/2021. So please watch for updates.

Remember the Council meets on a more frequent schedule to discuss the church closure. All members are welcome to join Council meetings. Please access the Zoom log on info in the calendar here on the church website.

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