Letter to the Congregation – 01/04/2021

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Greetings to you, prayers and thoughts for a blessed 2021. We all have lots of hope that 2021 will be different than 2020. To be sure that a full and complete end of the pandemic would be great, 2021 won’t bring a magical end, but rather a gradual end. I ask for patience, because safety still must be a high priority, and I ask for respect as we will not all agree as how to more forward. But, just as God has been with us in 2020 God will be with us in 2021. We can depend on God and that is how we can move forward.

The Congregation Council met on January 3rd. A large part of the discussion centered around keeping the church closed or opening the church up for activities, namely Nursery School and Worship. Before that discussion we welcomed four new members to Council, It was absolutely wonderful to have a fuller Council table, welcome to Sharon, Nancy, Terry and Debbie!

So, when will we open the church building again? We still are not sure. But we did decide to keep the church building closed through and including the 31st of January. Not everyone will agree with that decision. That is understood, but please understand that the Council made the decision with the safety of the congregation and nursery children in mind.

While the Council is educated by what the school districts are doing, what other churches are doing and what the COVID-19 case numbers are looking like, in the end the decision is made from a core sense of what is safest.

You have our promise that we will continue to meet on a weekly basis to discuss this matter, and that you are welcome to join any of the Council meetings to express your concerns. (we meet by Zoom, please access the church website, go to the calendar and you will find a link to the meeting, or call the church office for help).

Wishing you God Peace
Pastor Neel and Your Congregation Council

Church Council Officers for 2021
April Shaheen – President
Blair Miers – Vice President
Jonathan Bleice -Treasurer
Sharon Wasmer – Secretary

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