From the Council – 11/9/2020

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At the November 9, 2020 Congregation Council meeting, the Council discussed whether it would be appropriate to close the church building again, knowing that the Covid-19 rates are on the rise in Pennsylvania.
At this point the church building is being used in three ways:
1. St. Andrew’s Nursery School
2. 10:30 In Person Sunday Worship
3. Scheduled Eucharist
For Worship and Scheduled Eucharist the Council decided that if Northampton County goes back to yellow from green, or if someone who attends either 10:30 worship or Scheduled Eucharist contracts the virus, we would cease to use the building for those activities. It is important to note that Pastor, Warren, and Mark Jonkman would all have to quarantine for two weeks if someone would contract the virus and they attended the 10:30am worship service.
The Nursery School is a little more complex
• It is important to note that the Nursery School does NOT use the Worship Space or the Narthex area.
• They will close if Northampton County goes to yellow.
• If there is a case of the virus at the school, they will close for two weeks.
• If both elementary schools in Palmer Township close, the Nursery School will close.
• If the Easton Area School District closes, then the Nursery School will close.
To be sure these were exceedingly difficult decisions, but they were made with every effort to protect the safety and health of all people who use the church building. Please be assured that if we must close, the Council will monitor the situation closely and open the building as soon as it is safe to do so.

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