Council Meeting Notes – 03/27/2022

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  • FROM THE COUNCIL (summary of the 03/27/2022 meeting)
    The Congregation Council decided to have the steeple taken down from the church roof. To be sure the Property Committee has been dealing with what seems to be constant leaking into the worship space (mostly on top of the organ) for years. Most recently the water has started to appear behind the Pulpit.

    • The roof has recently been replaced and we are still dealing with water leaks in the worship space.
    • The roofing contractor has been stellar about coming back and addressing the problems with the steeple, but to no avail.
    • The steeple continues to shift in the heavy winds therefore breaking the seals and allowing water to get into the building.
    • Most recently the contractor has recommended that we take down the steeple to address the leaking issues.
    • The cost of removing the steeple is approximately $2,200.00. We will preserve the Cross and while the roof is open we will investigate for any mold.
    • The intention is to install the Cross on the property in some other fashion yet to be determined.
    • The cost of this project will be handled by the Building Fund. While it will be sad to lose the steeple, it will be better to have a building leak free for the first time in years.
  • The Council accepted (with regret) Dori Roberts’ resignation as Church building Custodian and as Nursery School Director. Dori has decided to make the transition back into public education. If you or someone you know it interested in the church custodian position, please have them be in touch with the Pastor.
  • The Council reviewed current capacities for the Social Room
  • It was noted that the confirmation class will be leading worship on April 24

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