Congregational Meeting: December 6, 2020

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Our constitution requires that we have two congregational meetings in the course of the year. One on the first Sunday in December, and one in January. Our December meeting is to consider a budget for the coming year and to elect members to the Congregation Council. January is more of an open meeting when we celebrate the congregation’s ministries and discuss anything that anyone wants to talk about.
So, that means on December 6 we will be holding a meeting to address the budget for 2021 and elect Council Members. Please mark the date and plan to be a part of that meeting. It is very important that we come together and address these important topics in the life of St. Andrew’s.
This year, of course, will be different, because we are still in the throws of the Covid-19 pandemic. After much discussion at Council, it was decided that we will proceed in the following way:
• There will be one worship at 8:30 on December 6th and it will be a Zoom format.
• The Congregational meeting will take place after worship at 9:30 and it too will be a Zoom format.
• For those who must call in by phone, we will make sure that we record your vote by voice.
• For those who can be on Zoom you will have the ability to vote by using Zoom’s polling capability. (PLEASE DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL BE GUIDED THRU THAT PROCESS)
• The budget and the list of names will be given to you in advance. We encourage you to share your questions ahead of time so that we can address them at the meeting. While questions can be asked at the meeting, it will be easier if we know what the questions are ahead of time
• You will notice that the budget is lower than last year, that is primarily due to the fact that Pastor will be covered by his husband’s insurance. The church pays that cost but it is significantly cheaper for the same coverage.
Please make it a priority to join us for the Congregational meeting on December 6th, things will be a bit different, but together we will make this work.

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