Month: October 2020

Pastor’s Message – 10/12/2020

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Greetings my dear friends! We are entering one of the busy times of the church year, and just because of the pandemic we don’t want to be cheated out of all that the liturgical year offers to us this time of the year. To that end your Worship & Music Committee has been busy. What follows are the Sunday morning Sunday happenings, I know you will want to be a worship!
October 25 – Reformation: We will share a confession from 1892, a part of our Lutheran heritage, Pastor will speak to our Lutheran heritage from Martin Luther to 1892 and to the present. Please remember to wear RED!
November 1 – All Saints Day: The tradition at this service is to read the names of the saints while we ring a bell in their honor. This tradition will not change. Please remember to get the name of your loved one to the office so that they can be included in the list.
November 29 – The beginning of Advent: We will have a responsive liturgy when we light the Advent Wreath. For those who are worshiping at home we encourage you to purchase four Blue (the color of hope) for Advent and be prepared to light your candle at home during worship.
December 2 – The beginning of Wednesday in Advent worship. For the first three Wednesdays in Advent we will be offering quiet devotional time of worship. The last Wednesday in Advent we will be offering something called a Healing Christmas. This worship service is offered for all those who find this time of the year to be difficult. Perhaps you are missing a loved one, perhaps you are missing not being able to be out at the holiday gatherings, what ever it is, this worship service is for you.
December 24 – Christmas Eve: Of course things will not be the same, but we are trying to keep some of the elements of Christmas Eve Worship that we all love. We will be able to light our candles during silent night, if you at home please have a candle ready. Our Tree will be up behind the altar for all to see. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WORSHIP TIMES:
7:00 PM In person worship
8:30 PM In person worship if we run out of room at the 7:00 PM worship
10:00 PM will be our streaming worship.
Please watch for more details as time marches forward, but we wanted you to have a taste of what is coming.
Pastor Neel

From the Council – 10/5/2020

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Greetings my friends. As you receive this it will be October, and as much as we are struggling through this pandemic, at times it feels like time is moving quickly. So be it, I’d like to share some this and that including some notes from our last Council meeting.

• A financial note: last time I wrote I was happy to say that we were doing better, well I am even happier to say that trend continued, at first blush we should be able to meet September’s budget and begin to pay back some of that $5,500.00 deficit. Please keep up your support and a big thank you for all that you have done. As of this writing I do not have exact numbers but I will share them as soon as I receive them.
• We continue to look for people to serve on the Congregation Council. I encourage you to think about serving on the Council. While there are some “nuts and bolts” that are associated with serving on the council, it is also a wonderful opportunity to serve with a great bunch of people and find wonderful ways to have an impact on the ministries of St. Andrew’s. Call me!
• St. Andrew’s Nursery School is doing very well. Hats off to a superior staff and director, and off course we are blessed with a great group of children that we are blessed to serve.
• We have received the components that are necessary to install a camera in the worship space. When that happens we hope to celebrate the 8:30 Zoom service live! Stay tuned more info will come your way.
• Speaking of more info, please be aware that there are many things that are still happening…

o Confirmation starts October 25 6:30 PM!
o Reformation Worship will have a “little” change…. Remember to wear RED
o We will still celebrate All Saints, with names and the ringing of the bell
o Advent and Christmas are right around the corner, Worship and Music are working to make those seasons special… stay tuned!

In the end I want to express my thanks for all the hard work by both staff and volunteers that make St. Andrew’s the great church that it is, it is a joy to be your pastor.
Pastor Neel