Month: September 2020

Pastor’s Message – 9/28/2020

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One of the devotions for this week dealt with betrayal. This may be a story (from Genesis 27) that you know. When Jacob goes into his father (Isaac) and steals Esau’s birthright. Of course, Jacob does this at the urging of his mother. Jacob gets away with this because Isaac is blind and failing.
Of course, Esau finds out and is not very happy about what Jacob did, therefore, again at the urging of his mother Jacob flees rather than face the vengeance of his brother Esau.
What follows in Genesis is Jacob’s story while he is on the run. There are ups and downs, but more importantly I’m not so sure that you could call his life a happy one.
And in some ways, I believe that this is one of the biggest messages from this story. Had the two brothers had open and honest communication this all could have been avoided. Open and honest sharing of how you feel with family, and friends is critical to maintaining meaningful relationships.
So often life’s big issues are big issues because no one wants to talk about whatever the issue is. It feels like it will be too difficult to talk about, It will hurt feelings if I bring that up, I really feel bad and am struggling with what I said… no matter what it is the issue it gets bigger when it isn’t discussed.
In the end Esau and Jacob work it out. It turns out that their relationship was more important than a stupid action by Jacob. Thank goodness that Esau and Jacob it worked out. But too often people go to their graves without the resolution that Esau and Jacob found.
If this is something that is a part of your life, do what you can to talk and work toward the resolution that Esau and Jacob found. Our lives and the joy that we can experience are far more important, than a difficult issue. If you need help navigating through the issue call me, I’ll talk to you anytime.
Pastor Neel

From the Council – 9/21/2020

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The following are notes from the 09/14/2020 Council meeting.
• The Council received a report from St Andrew’s Nursery School. Things are going very well; parents and children are adjusting very well to the new rules that had to be put into place because of the pandemic.
• A budget was approved to bring to the congregation on December 6th. The budget is in essence a no increase budget.
• The Council also discussed names of the congregation who will be asked to serve on Council. As we will also be electing Council Members on December 6th
• The in-person Worship Services were reviewed
• The Ministry areas of the congregation were reviewed
o Confirmation classes start October 25th (Zoom will be used)
o The church roof is still being investigated, waiting for final inspection of the steeple
• The Council discussed methods that we might use to enable congregational voting as we look forward to voting on the budget and new council members.
Please note that all members of the church are encouraged to attend Council meetings. You have voice but not vote at all Council meetings.

Pastor’s Message – 9/21/2020

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Not that long ago I wrote to you as told you that in one month we had a $5,500 deficit. That was an unsettling thing to write to you, and I am sure it was a bit unsettling to hear. Well I am happy to say that many of you responded, and while we did not break even, we had a monthly deficit of $1,100. That is excellent progress toward breaking even.

I am very grateful for everyone who responded, St. Andrew’s needs consistent support so that we can maintain a vital and healthy ministry.

Of course, we cannot maintain a $1,100 deficit, and of course we need a little stronger support… but I do not want you to feel like you already gave, but it is never enough. Truly I am very grateful for the increase in giving, but neither will I ever lie to you about the numbers we all face to keep St. Andrew’s active and healthy.

Thank you for your support… keep it coming.

Note: when you see the month, end numbers it will look like we had an $800.00 surplus. But truth be told a bill for $1,900.00 was not included in those numbers. That bill will be reflected in the next months numbers. But in reality, we did not have a surplus but a $1,100.00 deficit.

Pastor Neel