Letter to the Congregation – 08/16/2021

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Greetings! We are soon going to be in the fall program schedule, and I am excited to say that things are starting to percolate again at St. Andrews. Faith Builders and Youth both have social events scheduled, Community Care Committee is ramping up, and SAW is planning a program year! It is a joy to see activity at St. Andrew’s after a long winter of COVID.

Two things that I want to address with you that will affect us as we move into more activity:

  • KEYS: The exterior locks on all our doors (Hope House and Church building) have been changed. However, NONE of the interior locks have been changed. So please if you have a key do not discard that key it might still be useful. Please know that if you had a key to the church, that does not mean you will receive a new one. As we evaluated our key system, we found that people were in the church after we closed the building because of COVID, and that people were in the church office looking through the administrator’s desks. It’s unfortunate but we felt we had to go with a more secure and limited use key system. With that said we are not wanting to limit ministry. So please be patient and talk to me if you feel that you can’t do the ministry you feel called to do. We will work this out, support ministry and keep the buildings at St. Andrew’s secure.
  • 8:30 WORSHIP: Starting September 5th 8:30 worship will be In Person worship. Worship at 8:30 will be the same as 10:30. This is a step toward a more “normal” worship practice here at St. Andrew’s. Please know that we will live stream the 8:30 Worship if you are still unwilling to enter the church building. Don’t be afraid of the term live stream, if you log on to the 8:30 Zoom service, you will do the exact same thing to log on to the live stream, NO difference. The links will still be on the website face page and in the website calendar and listed on the front of the bulletin mailed to your home. Two things you will notice that are different. 1. The fellowship time at the beginning and end of worship will not happen. 2. Worship will be live. Pastor will not be in the Hope House kitchen with a church backdrop, rather you will be watching the 8:30 worship as it is happening.

We have had to get used to the way COVID forced us to do worship, as we move out from under the long winter, I encourage you to embrace the changes that in the end will bring us all back together again. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen…A-men to that!

Pastor Neel

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